My name is Nicki Johnston and I am a Secondary School Music Teacher. I hold a Bachelor of Music (Music Education) and  am currently completing a Masters degree in Education (Educational Psychology).

I have been teaching now for 6 years and have had different roles within the school community. First, I am a classroom Music teacher and I have taught all years 7-12. I am also a conductor and am currently the director of the Choral Program at my school. In the past I have been Musical Director for a musical theatre production. Outside the classroom, I have been part of the school’s student welfare team as a year advisor. In this role my main focus was student well-being which required me to give support and guidance to many students. I also strived to create opportunities for the students to develop their social/emotional skills so they could not only cope in difficult situations but flourish.

The unique combination of academic and personal development that adolescent students go through in secondary school is very complex. This is what motivated me to return to university to further my understanding and application of educational psychology. I want to be a teacher who creates a learning environment where the students are highly engaged, challenged, supported, and motivated.

I believe that technology plays a vital role in effective education today. It is not only engaging for students but gives teachers and students countless possibilities in the teaching/learning process. This is why, my as part of my studies, I am taking a unit called ‘Teaching, Learning and the Internet”. My aim in taking this unit is to have an in depth understanding of the theory and research involving technology and education. I then wish apply this understanding to my own practices in the classroom as well as use it to inform curriculum design within my department and the wider school community.


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